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Studio Homestead is a multi brand agency for design furniture and lighting.

We also provide interior & architectural lighting design service.

Feel free to call or drop us a line for more information.

Srelle crafts exclusive hand-made furniture pieces that were first designed for the Chandigarh masterplan by Pierre Jeanneret. Our collection consists of teak and cane designs from the early 1950s. 

Handcrafted creations are made from pure, raw materials that withstand the tests of time. Our vision have been brought to life through the passionate works of artisans from all over the world, ensuring the original elements of the local production methods are upheld. Each of our pieces has a story to tell, and strives to make a statement in any environment. 

Is a company with a strong identity and a cosmopolitan style, innovative and sophisticated.

A company that speaks a universal yet extremely recognizable language.
Its unconventional spirit has always merged the subtle poetry of shape to maximum functionality and handiness, molding the finest materials through cutting-edge processes.

Quality, tradition and innovation.

These are the values embodied by Panzeri, that has been producing lighting fixtures for 70 years, selling the Made in Italy in the most exclusive spots all over the world.

Lamps manufactured with care and attention to details, designed to illuminate and embellish indoor and outdoor spaces, with multiple stylish solutions.

Panzeri lamps are the ideal choice of Architects, Interior Designers and creatives who intend to provide quality illumination in private and public spaces.

The Collector brand was born in Portugal and aims to be part of daily life by fusing furniture to home routines and lifestyles. The company designs its pieces with the intention to embrace diverse styles and to blend in inside any contemporary setting.

In thirty years of work, Midj succeeded in transferring the care of artisanal production to an industrial dimension. This implies that the typical features relating to craftsmanship are guaranteed even in large-scale production.

Danish furniture brand, founded in 2011.  NORR11 strives to reinvent and rethink Scandinavian design to create timeless pieces of furniture, combining the past and the present. Collaboration with innovative young designers and working with the best manufacturers and suppliers to produce products of superb craftsmanship and quality.

Founded in 1982 by Sergio Prandina, who has managed for over 30 years to transmit to the company its innate artistic creativity in the lighting design field, mainly by exploring new shapes and solutions in the mouth-blown glass production.

During the years Prandina has developed a very distinctive style, which has been constantly renewed by the introduction of innovative technologies and fresh new approaches of the use of light.

Collaborations with prestigious and worldwide famous architects and designers and – above all – projects are the tangible witness of the quality of Prandina’s collections.

Penta Light design and produce high-quality lamps, with a contemporary design which are 100% made in Italy. In the course of our history we have interpreted the ideas of sought-after and never predictable designers, transforming their vision into objects in which formal beauty meets functional utility.

Is a company with a strong identity and a cosmopolitan style, innovative and sophisticated.

A company that speaks a universal yet extremely recognisable language.

Is a company with a strong identity and a cosmopolitan style, innovative and sophisticated.

A company that speaks a universal yet extremely recognisable language.

Founded in 1980 by Francesco Miari.

It is an Italian company affirmed in the field of design upholstery.

The philosophy characterizes the company is that of the made in Italy craftsmanship.

Every product is born with originality, it is developed with passion and it is produced with very high quality standards. 

Every project we curate begins with a simple, complimentary in-home consultation to determine the best routes to realize the space you’ve always envisioned.

We will help you define your needs and offer guidance on how to move forward with a detailed proposal with no minimum purchase.

Design Consultation

This service is suited to clients who would prefer to manage their own project and simply require interior design guidance and advice.  Areas of consultancy include:

Furniture and Accessories

Interior Finishes and Materials

Space Planning

Sustainable Interior Spaces

Online Consultation

You can book a 1 hour online design consultation with our creative director via Zoom, Skype or Google meet.

On-site Consultation

You can book an on-site consultation where the designer and client will brainstorm plans

together for the space and the designer will advice on what will work best for the client.

Online Design

This online service is suitable for clients who require concepts and interior design expertise remotely and are able to manage their projects. It includes the following:

Space Planning and Furniture Arrangement

3D and 360 visualization of the space (Optional)

Interior Finishes and Materials selection

Furniture and Accessories Sourcing

Styling Tips and post-design support

Throughout an online design service, there are regular online meetings set up via Zoom, Skype or Google meet to discuss any designs presented. An online design service allows for up to 3 revisions.

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