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We supply design furniture and lights for privat homes, smaller hotels, restaurants, offices,

night clubs and homes in Norway and abroad.

Here you can read a little bit about our brands:

Panzeri - Quality, tradition and innovation.

These are the values embodied by Panzeri, that has been producing lighting fixtures for 70 years, selling the Made in Italy in the most exclusive spots all over the world.

Lamps manufactured with care and attention to details, designed to illuminate and embellish indoor and outdoor spaces, with multiple stylish solutions.

Panzeri lamps are the ideal choice of Architects, Interior Designers and creatives who intend to provide quality illumination in private and public spaces.

The selection of raw materials, the wise traditional and manual skills implemented in the most exclusive works, the innovative and cutting-edge techniques with regards to LED technologies and Italian design, are the key of the success achieved by this company that believed since the beginning – thanks to his founder Carlo Panzeri – to be able to become a reference point in the lighting sector.

Prandina was founded in 1982 by Sergio Prandina, who has managed for over 30 years to transmit to the company its innate artistic creativity in the lighting design field, mainly by exploring new shapes and solutions in the mouth-blown glass production.

During the years Prandina has developed a very distinctive style, which has been constantly renewed by the introduction of innovative technologies and fresh new approaches of the use of light.

Collaborations with prestigious and worldwide famous architects and designers and – above all – projects are the tangible witness of the quality of Prandina’s collections.

NORR11 is a Danish furniture brand, founded in 2011.  NORR11 strives to reinvent and rethink Scandinavian design to create timeless pieces of furniture, combining the past and the present. Collaboration with innovative young designers and working with the best manufacturers and suppliers to produce products of superb craftsmanship and quality.

Biba Salotti founded in 1980 by Francesco Miari.

Is an Italian company affirmed in the field of design upholstery.

The philosophy characterizes the company is that of the made in Italy craftsmanship.

Every product is born with originality, it is developed with passion and it is produced with very high quality standards. 

Biba Salotti considers the research and experimentation a strategic element in corporate development policy. 

It is used for this of an internal research center in collaboration with the designer arch. Danilo Bonfanti.

Midj - In thirty years of work, Midj succeeded in transferring the care of artisanal production to an industrial dimension. This implies that the typical features relating to craftsmanship are guaranteed even in large-scale production.

Italy does not just represent a place of production. It goes far beyond this: it is the way of thinking and living that we have been embracing since 1987 when designing, interpreting, and innovating the idea of furniture.

Midj’s team consists of men and women who are supported by our Code of Ethics and guarantee professional and competent support worldwide.

Benetti Home is the "Italian design emotion"

A dynamic and professional team with over 20 years experience gained in the realization of worldwide projects with Benetti MOSS, the natural vertical garden maintenance free.

Benetti Home boasts over 3,000 projects all over the world with wide customer satisfaction and appears on the most important Architecture Blogs, Magazines and TV shows. 

Benetti Home has been chosen for the supply of Benetti MOSS in the Olaya Towers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which could be considered the world’s largest project realized with natural preserved lichen.

Our clients wish to live in ever-greener places and we passionately dress their dreams in nature.

Looking forward to assist you in any way I can. 

Sincerely Hildur Arnadottir

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